Nkom is subject to the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (KDD) within electronic communication services (e-com services), and the Ministry of Transport (SD) concerning postal services.

Nkom’s overall objective is to facilitate consistent and reliable postal and e-com services across Norway. This provision of services must be robust, with sufficient capacity and functionality, and also forward-looking, of high quality and at affordable prices. 

Market regulation

Nkom must facilitate equal terms of competition for all operators, to ensure price competition and choice for customers. Markets themselves should target and develop sustainable competition where possible. Nkom assesses whether providers of postal and e-com services should be regulated.

Security and resilience

Nkom has a special responsibility to ensure the security and resilience of electronic communication networks (e-com networks) to both data attacks and extreme weather impacts. We also play an active role in the development of new emergency networks and mobile emergency preparedness for adverse incidents. Nkom has 24/7 security rosters for police cases and cybernet emergency preparedness.

Resource manager

Nkom manages frequencies for mobile networks, radio and television in Norway. In 2019, we began to sell off 5G frequencies at frequency auctions. Telephone number resources in Norway are managed by Nkom and are distributed to operators on the basis of applications.

Supervision and control

We conduct supervision as systematic market control of sales of radio, telecom terminal and network equipment, in order to check that these products comply with the regulations. A separate authorisation scheme for e-com installations ensures secure networks for society in general. Nkom also oversees the e-com industry's prices and offers to consumers.

Nkom measures radiation from electronic equipment, and follows up on the use of illegal jamming equipment that interferes with and blocks critical services.

National and international cooperation

Nkom has sound and active cooperation with industries and authorities, and offers cooperation platforms in the form of conferences and meeting places. 

Internationally, we are active in a number of EU forums, to ensure the coordination of international regulations for post and e-com across national borders.  Nkom also represents Norway in a number of EEA committees.

Best source

Nkom works to be the best source within our professional areas. Our task is also to ensure that Norwegian society is kept updated on new e-com technology and innovation. This means that we make useful consumer information, news, rules, regulations and laws available on our website, and in various industry channels. We respond quickly to enquiries from consumers, industries, authorities and the media. 

Head office in Lillesand

With a head office in Lillesand, Nkom is structured as five departments. Around 162 employees work in the southern Norwegian town, and the rest are based at Nkom's regional offices in Lødingen, Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo.

Pål Wien Espen is Director General in Nkom. The Director General decides all matters that are not to be submitted to a superior authority.

At the end of 2020, Nkom had 176 employees, comprising 157 full-time equivalents.