As the national spectrum regulator in Norway, Nkom has since 2019 worked on establishing options for industry and verticals to get access to 5G. With the release of 3,8-4,2 GHz to local NPN, Nkom wants to supplement the national mobile network operator (MNO) offerings.

“Pilots in 2022 have helped established a new regulation, which up until now have been on a preliminary basis. From 1st of January this year we are pleased to offer long-duration spectrum licenses along with a dedicated national IMSI range”, says director of the Spectrum Department John-Eivind Velure.

Following the Shared Access License regime established by Ofcom UK in 2019, Nkom allows Norwegian local industry, verticals and broadband suppliers, to apply for up to 80 MHz bandwidth, low or medium power, unsynchronized networks with reasonable yearly fees on a local area basis.

The established regulation in 3,8-4,2 GHz lowers the barriers to get the Norwegian industry into exploring what 5G can offer in solving their wireless communication needs.

For more detailed information, please check out our regulation attached (translated).